October 31, 2006

Flight 93’s three landing gears and ten rims

Were any of Flight 93’s three landing gears, or ten of its wheel rims found at the Shanksville crash scene?

(Not actual Flight 93. Photo source: airliners.net)

Did all three of its heavy-massive landing gears and ten of its rims disintegrate into itty-bitty pieces from impacting the “soft spongy” dirt?

(Photo link)

Here’s a dumpster of plane debris supposedly all coming from Flight 93. See any of its three landing gears, or ten rims in there? Are they all hidden at the bottom?


I mean if one of Flight 77's landing gear and wheel rim was supposedly found pretty much intact after crashing through the hardened Pentagon, surely one of Flight 93's three landing gears or ten rims should have been found somewhat intact in the "soft spongy" dirt, right?

(Supposedly one of Flight 77’s landing gear and wheel rim found inside the Pentagon.)

By the way, why were only one of Flight 77’s three landing gears and one of its ten rims found? What happened to its other two landing gears and nine rims?


spooked said...

Hey, come on-- they only had so many spare Boeing parts to throw around!

spooked said...

anyway, there were roughly 180 seats on the plane. where'd they go?

Is anyone really gonna tell me every goddman seat was either blasted into smithereens or was buried under the soil?

Killtown said...

Yes, over 700 seats between the four planes and not ONE is photographed at any of the scenes. Hmmm.

jolene siana said...

that's so messed up!

Unknown said...

You people aren't experts, get a life for god sakes, these people were murdered in a horrible way & they faught for their lives & if you dont believe so then ur just as bad as those sand niggers that did this to America