September 18, 2006 has been hacked!

Update 09/19/06: is up and running!

Update: Now my mirror site is coming up "could not be found"!

It’s been down for 2 days now. If you go to my mirror link, it sends you to a site called “Expired Domain” and says this domain name has expired. I emailed Brad at who runs who said the domain shouldn’t be expired and he thinks it’s been hacked. Hopefully we’ll have it back up and running very soon.


superstar said...

just a good life

batcave911 said...

i cant figure this out.
ive been calling infinology, the host, for several hours.
i left 2 messages yesterday, and 2 today,
also opened 2 tickets on the server.
not 1 damn response.

not the first time ive been hacked though, just the first for

my batcave sites

brad's 911 batcave

have been the target of several attacks.
the batcave DOMAIN itself was bought out in September of 2003, and my sites were down for several months.
traffic was BOOMING and they went down on September 8th of 2003.

again, this happened lst month.
it wasnt bought out this time, but all of my sites went down.
i was able to re-register a few of them
this i tried to re-registeer, but i never got the confirmation email.
i went to the web-forum for users to post problems with the site, and posted my problem. no answwer.
i added a comment that it had not been answered, and the next day the whole forum was shut down.
it remained down for wqeeks, and just came back up.
They (part of the forum) had said that some sites were being deleted if they were "inactive"

my 2nd post
My site is NOT inactive, i log in every few weeks, and it gets lots of traffic

Please can someone help me ?

i sent an email to 2 different batcave addresses
support and another one (forgot now)

as well as this web board,
still nothing ?

heres the reply to my post...
By inactive - it means you may not have edited the site in probably 4 or more months. Your account seems to exist however so you might need to restore your files. I don't do these purges that often and I don't expect doing another one soon.


Also, the first time they went down, i used another free host called
i went through the same thing with them.
it was bought out, not told sorry by anyone, no advance notice.

This has to be targetted.
i am a fully paid customer with, never late in payments etc...
i just paid for this year for the domain
and i still am having problems.

the other strange thing is,
i dont see the problem
the site works fine for me.
all of my pages come up fine.
i cleared the cache cookies and history, shut down the computer etc...
and it still seems to come up OK.

but using a proxy, and every one else trying, shows the site to be down.

strange or what ?


batcave911 said...

as im writing this i am getting RST attacks to my mail server. i have a firewall thats alarming right now.
just a coincidence i guess
(sarchasm ON)