August 06, 2006

McClatchey photo blogpost makes mainstream news

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Stogie said...

Yeah, dickhead, you made the main stream news. The important part of the article you obviously missed is that Val McClatchey is thinking of suing you for libel. You have it all over your website that she is a fraud who photoshopped her picture. As an attorney, I am going to offer her my services for free and I will sue your ass off for the pure pleasure of it.

You smarmy little Leftwing, America-hating KOOKS! You will do anything to support whatever evil attacks your own country, including inventing wild-ass conspiracy theories.

Let's see if they stand up in court. Wait for your doorbell, it will be the serving of our complaint.

Anonymous said...

killtown don't take this the wrong way but i kinda hope this attorney is for real. you'd get to present your evidence to a judge...and that's a good thing.

Anonymous said...

lets hope Stogie is as dumb as his comments, heh you can easily use what he just typed against him.

Killtown, I would suggest to get some help with this though, dont do it alone. Try contacting a few others in the 911 field with more experience in law.

nice blog btw :)

Rumpl4skn said...

"You smarmy little Leftwing, America-hating KOOKS!"

How did the "lawyer" lose sight of the fact that name-calling and hysterical, off-topic rants do nothing to prove the authenticity of the photograph his "pretend client" claims is genuine?

Btw, I direct the court's attention to Stogie's avatar... I assume that IS a cigar in his mouth, right?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the article and good job on the correction post, Kill.

I do sort of wish the journalist could have actually, like, you know, tried to figure out the TRUTH. Like is there any evidence for an ordnance blast going off near where the official crash was? Is there any evidence the photo was manipulated?

As far as "Stogie", I'm curious why you think that Killtown is leftwing? Killtown has never displayed any particular political affiliation that I know of. As far as hating America, I think one can not hate America and still raise questions about 9/11. I'm quite sure that if a Democrat was president during 9/11, Stogie would very happily embrace the "conspiracy theories". :)

Avery Dylan said...

Like hey man, if the fake, is a fake is it real or is it a real fake?

Ha! Fake smoke, bet that makes all those people still alive right?

ha,ha ha ha ha ha Boxcutters!

Anonymous said...

I hope Val McClatchey takes every penny you own, if or when she sues you. What gives you the right to violate her privacy and post all of her personal details?

You hide behind an alias and spout your conspiracies. Stop lying to yourself and other people.

Call me a hypocrite for not sharing my own information but I'd rather not share it with someone who has no respect for privacy.

You may have earned yourself some credit if you didnt hide away like the coward you are. Its shameful that you're allowed to get away with this and hopefully you'll be stopped soon. I'll finish with one of the quotes you use own your own website.

"Repetition does not transform a lie into a truth."
-- Franklin D. Roosevelt

Killtown said...

Just a friendly note to all those who seem unable to read, her work address and work phone number, her home address, AND her email was ALREADY POSTED ON THE INTERNET FOR THE PUBLIC TO SEE.

And if you insert your home address in Google maps, you'll be able to see a satellite map of YOUR house too.

If Val was so worried about all of this personal information about her, then she wouldn't have plastered it on the internet for the world to see.

Anonymous said...

The Big Lie wins all ties: all uncertainty and confusion works in its favor.

911 truth activists who go around shouting that so much of the 9/11 evidence might be fake are helping, not hurting The Big Lie of 9/11 , for such talk causes honest people who'd like to delve into 9/11 to conclude that no one can ever really know for sure what happened, so why bother trying, leaving The Big Lie still in effect.

Smart honest 911 truth activists hone in on the least ambiguous points, and leave obfuscation to the government. Media coverage about lie-breaking evidence we're sure about -- not casting aspersions on what we're unsure about -- is what we're after. Of course, if we feel compelled to write about what we're unsure about, we can be sure that that is what the media will cover.

Then again, smart well-intentioned 911 truth activists don't hide behind repugnant nicknames which are sure to be avoided and disbelieved by normal average Americans, either.

Avery Dylan said...


Is that you?

Rumpl4skn said...

Why do Avery_Dylan and Rowe_Korey post the exact same 2 replies to every blog thread here?

I get the feeling they are not who they say they are. : )
At 8/07/2006 12:21 PM, Anonymous said...
Call me a hypocrite for not sharing my own information.....

Okay. You're a hypocrite. Glad to oblige.

And you're also wrong about the issue in the first place. Val lists her information, Killtown just repeated it.

Anonymous said...

Nice job on getting some media attention with your analysis, Killtown.

The "they" who visited Val's office were Victor Thorn and Lisa Guliani of WING TV who called Val's work number that they found listed on the internet and made an appointment to meet with her at her office the same day. Lisa told me Val jumped at the chance to be interviewed without hesitation and drove over right away to meet them at her office. I'm not sure if any other 9/11 researchers has visited Val at her office.

Did they happen to go look at that "possible burn mark" while they were there?

Anonymous said...

Hey loser, why dont you post your home phone number and address here.

Anonymous said...

Heads up Killtown. The right wing kooks have put out a jehad against you. The 104.7 WPGB talking heads have called on all hackers to find out your identity and post it on the web. Just a heads up.

Anonymous said...

It's time for action. Enough of the talk and the complaining. We know 9 11 was an inside job. How many people tell others, call their reps, senators, ask for Bush to be impeached, make copies of CDs, talk to their mayor or sheriff? Let's stop bitching and start networking together.

Rumpl4skn said...

Good news Kill.... they're going to hire Zelicow and Kean to investigate this and find out your identity.

You're safe as you could possibly be.

Anonymous said...

I think the government is behind the conspiracy movement. They're doing this to bait people, and they're collecting information on the people who buy into the story promoted by sites like this. Once they have you all identified, they're going to disappear you. Remember this when you're snatched out of your bed in the middle of the night weeks or months from now. I can't tell you how I know this, but it's true.

Anonymous said...

Warning sentiment appreciated. But I honestly don't think it's that sinister.

You're close, but not quite. The government IS "behind" the 9/11 movement, they have infiltrated. But it's to bring it out. Yes, odd as it sounds - the 9/11 movement is designed to come out. The clues are too obvious. When they intend to hide something, they hide it. This is CSI: Helen Keller. You have to be either chronically stupid, deaf dumb & blind, or in on the scam to not see and know what's been going on.

This has a political purpose, trust me. But we have to do the work and bring it out.

If this confuses you (as I admit it did me) you have to realize that "the government" is not at the top of the food chain. There are people (I hesitate to call them people) that OWN this government (along with the media and the real power - the banking system). They're not even Americans. And one way to make more sense of this is to stop thinking along the lines of countries and govt's, and start recognizing Corporations. That is where the allegiances lie.

The trick is to not allow them to place your hope in people who are there to water it down, because the version they want to come out is a big pile of LIHOP shit.

Anonymous said...

Just because someone's information is on the internet doesn't mean they want it posted everywhere. The info on her real estate website is just for that, her business. Why else would you post it except to make it easily accessible to other nut cases like yourself? And I do like your expert analysis of bomb blasts vs burning fuel. (Sarcasm) You are a true idiot. You will never accept that there isn't a conspiracy because no matter what is shown to you, you will only believe what supports your theory.

Oh yeah, also, the article was about her and what she is dealing with, not just her dealings with you. You were cited as an example of the kind of nuts that she has to deal with for just taking a picture. But your ego is telling you that you are finally being heard, and that the truth is getting out. Whether you admit it or not, when you saw this article for the first time it gave you a personal satisfaction outside of getting your truth out.

Anonymous said...

To others, why do we have to threaten this guy for writing what he believes to be true? If the writer was in fact harasing Val, well then I support legal action. However, I have no intention of supporting taking to court someone who simply thinks differently from me, regardless of how much I may disagree. Threats beget threats, no?

On separate note: you (killtown) either change location constantly out of choice, get booted from everywhere you post, or dont know how to pay a bill:

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Anonymous said...


Whether or not the conspiracies are true, you, bud, are simply a pussy. I don't care what your politics are. You sling shit everywhere, at anyone, behind a veil of anonymity. The anonymity is only for the general public - The government and others with the resources certainly know who you are. So...rationalize what you do however you please as you publish all the information you can on others, say whatever you like. When push comes to shove, you hide behind your cover like the true, true pussy that you are. I wonder how your pussy-ness manifested itself before the internet became popular- People like you don't pop into existance overnight.

Killtown said...

Ok "chuck."

But someone please answer me this, all her info I posted I found on the websites that promote her photo, so what is the big deal?

I simply reposted her info that SHE had ALREADY posted on the internet for the world to see.

Anonymous said...

Killtown, you're a creep and a loser. If you think it's no big deal to have your name, home address and business address plastered all over a conspiracy theory site and linked to by a bunch of other lunatics, why is that you surround YOURSELF in a cloak of anonymity on your own bloody site?

You're despicable to the extreme.

Anonymous said...

the purpose of all this crap is to get people endlessly arguing and debating the details that are there for all the world to see. luckily a few are noticing, but not all, as evidenced by the hateful screeds against investigation i see here and everywhere. when did automatic belief in a government become so popular or critical to some people's existance? it hasn't - anyone with 1/2 a brain knows better - but it has become a lucrative cottage industry, as they finance their media whores and internet schills to spin the facts and cloud the evidence.

meanwhile, the govt 'perpetraitors' of 9/11 sit back and laugh

its working out very very well, isn't it?

SmokeNMirrors said...

To all the "Anony-mice" out there; you are railing at someone for being anonymous, whilst hiding yourself behind a cloak of anonymity. Have you ever heard a phrase containing the words "pot", "kettle" and "black"?!

Also; if you post your personal details publicly, you are effectively signing away your right to privacy. If you wanted privacy you would never have posted those details. Easy, really, innit? :o>

See, me; I prefer to stay anonymous. You won't find my details anywhere. That's because I don't want you to; I'd rather maintain my privacy. And guess what? I don't mind admitting it! Think I'm daft or something? Think KILLTOWN is daft? Look at the shit you people come out with - after some of that invective can you blame anyone for remaining anonymous? Of course not. So wind your necks in, you idiots!!! :oD

Incidentally, I'm sure you people are all aware of the upcoming draft in the USA? See here for analysis:

or here for the official version:

So before all you idiots whining about "conspiracy theorists" find anything else to whinge about, think about how much you're going to enjoy your call-up. Then think about WHY it's happening. THEN think about what is needed to stop it. If you can't, I'll help you - exposure of the crimes behind the whole thing.

Oh by the way, I'm not even IN the USA, but I know about this. How many of you can say the same? There's a little lesson in there... :o>