February 08, 2006

Two copyright infringement complaints sent to Killtown!

Is this just more "coincidental timing" before my explosive news is about to break???

First complaint:

Snopes.com cowardly threatened me over my rebuttal of their appalling debunk attempt of Hunt the Boeing! Here is a copy of their complaint letter dated February 3:

Their complaint was sent to the web hosting company of thewebfairy.com. That web-hosting company's legal department sent The Web Fairy an e-mail notice of the complaint threatening to block access to my page. Coincidentally, the e-mail that was sent to her was sent yesterday, February 7, the same day as my other complaint notice below!

Second complaint:

To: killtown@yahoo.com
From: "Mark D Phillips"
Subject: Copyrighted image/please remove
Date: Tue, 7 Feb 2006 12:59:46 -0500

You are using my copyrighted image on:


Please remove it.

Mark D Phillips
South Brooklyn Internet, Inc.
Brooklyn, NY
Producers of southbrooklyn.net

This is the photo in question in which he is charging $50-$150 bucks for! Charging money over a photo of an event where thousands of people died from? Profit of death as far as I'm concerned.


Anonymous said...


awesome site indeed... BUT the faster you post the important news the better.... so just post it BEFORE anything else goes wrong....

Anonymous said...

Don't worry killtown! :D

You can do this! Not to worry, I will be all over this one tommorrow morning when I am recording my show!

Anonymous said...

Fake photo at that!

Anonymous said...

That photo is a joke. Of course Mark Phillips wants to charge for it. He needs to recoup his investment of time working with Photoshop to try an make an already evil event look even more sinister.

Anonymous said...

Don't ever forget or doubt: IF U WEREN'T DOING THE ABSOLUTELY BEST, OUTSTANDING JOB--U WOULDN'T BE GETTING THIS SORT OF DESPERATE ACTION AGAINST U, EH? Keep up ur good work comrade--u know u're doing good. Apollonian

Anonymous said...

Don't even worry about any infringement claim - having taken law school Copyright I can tell you... you can do whatever you want and as long as it's for "news reporting purposes" (which is a liberal category) you are totally protected under "Fair Use". (Side note: As long as Mark Phillips is contending that his photo accurately depicts historical fact, then it doesn't matter if he doctored it or not...) Just don't use it for site advertising. And tell the ass clown to get himself a lawsuit that'll actually stand up in a court of law.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah - and as far as the Snopes thing, I haven't seen the material they're referring to since the site is down, but the same rules apply... Just know it's gotta be newsworthy and you've gotta be using it that way.

Anonymous said...

maybe he should pay cnn for the picture..they had it 1st...

Anonymous said...

Just post a weblink to the "photographer's" webpage selling that "photo", with a disclaimer: "fair use for no-profit educational use and news reporting per 17 US Code 107". That's what I do, but I did get one copyright infringement notice from a British writer for Space.com, comlaining about posting his entire news article with link, where he confessed it is impossible for NASA to go to the Moon with human beings. It seems he's trying to sell NASA millions of dollars worth of BS to "go back to the Moon". So I just reduced my quotes to a portion of the article, instead of full article, and haven't heard any more from him. Pirate News TV at PirateNews.org and September911Surprise.com

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe someone would charge for such a picture. Face in the smoke, Ya right. A fluke. Thousands of innocent lives were lost that day and to try and profit off their death is horrible.

Facts -ARE- Facts
Evidence -IS- Evidence
9-11 -ISNT- a conspiracy theory, It -IS- a conspiracy.

Franny Ward said...
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Franny Ward said...

The picture in question I believe can also be found in a .wmv or .mpeg file on the net. Just search yahoo "911 Smoke". It's there on a french web site.

Anonymous said...

your fucking stupid....you are using copyrighted items...get your own stuff..simple...thats it.

Anonymous said...

theres a purpose to copyrights...if one person breaks that right...then the whole main purpose to a copyright is completely destroyed. its as simple as that. dont take other peoples copyrighted items...if u want to, just ask...dont complain

Anonymous said...

I ran across this researching complaints I've been hearing a lot about snopes, and I have to admire their balls, since I found several sites they harassed/plagiarized. That document they sent you is the work of true hypocrites. Maybe I should show this to the sites they stole from... create a new scandal for that site!