July 13, 2006

Ordnance Blasts

Ordnance blasts...


Smoke billows above Rafik Hariri International Airport after Israeli warplanes targeted it, in Beirut, Lebanon, Thursday, July 13, 2006.

Ordnance blast?


(Right photo is a jet crash.)

This comparison shows the landscape in the left photo combined with ordnance plume in the middle photo. Notice how similar the ordnance plume in the middle looks like the plume in Val McClatchey's infamous Flight 93 photo. (Photoshopping credit to mortimer from the JREF Forum.)



Anonymous said...

Heh, I was actually looking at one of these pictures in the news yesterday, when I thought of your previous post on how the smoke cloud in Pennsylvania attributed looks nothing like a plane crash explosion, but exactly like every ordinance blast in human history, apparently.

Killtown said...

Cool, I'm glad to see some people out there have good eyesight!

Anonymous said...

Throw in a still of the North tower hit as well. That tan cloud rose into the air just like all of these ordnance blasts. The mushroom shape at the very top held its shape well after the explosion.

Anonymous said...

lol are you kidding? The north tower mushroom cloud didn't look anything like an ordinance blast.