June 04, 2008

Hour interview on Vyzygoth (WEDNESDAY)

(Update: mp3 archive)

Wednesday, June 4th. 4-5 pm ET
(1-2 pm PT)

Hour 2: Killtown on the
Fairy Tail, The Little Engine that Couldn’t, and Back in Black Boxes
(The topics that got me thrown off BlahTalkRadio)

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Markus Allen said...

Hey Stu... why did Vyz cut me off when I asked about your real name?

- TruthSleuth (Markus Allen)

Killtown said...

Because he's helping to cover for my real name.

(Is that what your paranoid mind wants to hear?)

u2r2h said...

Killtown, you are onto it!!

Where can I hear the mp3?

Please continue the good work... and overcome your aversion to real-time holography. I tell you why

If only a single image of a passenger-jet slamming into the WTC is only HALF authentic there will have to have been a hologram ... a laser-illuminated image of an Boeing 767 airplane..

You know and I know... THERE WERE NO PLANES that impacted into the towers. (nor in Shanksville nor into the pentagon).

I know your presumption is that ALL footage was faked. But what are the chances.... huh? Sure, John Lear is a UFO phantasist... but without holograms there is no way that ANY footage that can POSSIBLE LEAKED can EVER be authentic. And that is impossible. Footage DOES leak.

In any case holograms PERFECTLY explain the amputee planes and all anomalies because the VIEWING ANGLE determines the calculations needed. In other words, the perps HAD TO do the math in real time for ALL viewing angles, but couldn't. Hence the UA175 looks FEATURELESS BLACK for "all viewing angles against the sun" no matter how clear a view or good a camera.

Professor Taylor said...


I'm VERY intrigued. Do you have anymore? A blog? A website? Or anything else I can read up on?. This is very interesting.......

Killtown said...

Email from Vyz:

"Markus, the show wasn't about unmasking Killtown; it was about Flight 93. Personally, I don't care what KT's name is. Ain't no big deal to me. Then, again, you're dealing with somebody known as Vyzygoth, however, my name is Keith Hansen."

Markus Allen said...

Folks... don't fall for the coy Killtown "Because he's helping to cover for my real name." nonsense.

Stu Nurwick is his name. He was an intern on the Early Show on 9/11 (but claims to have been a waiter that day... even claims to have seen a plane enter the building). But now he's the "leader" of the no plane's movement. You can't make this stuff up. It's almost comical if it wasn't so serious.

Stu Nurwick (aka Killtown) is controlled opposition. He's given to us by his handlers to deliver a few nuggets of truth, but then spins us off into la la land -- never fingering the true perps.

He's also tied to the hip to Jeffrey Hill (aka Shure) -- the guy who makes the (scripted) phone calls seeming to bust low-level 9/11 perps. Sorry to say, Jeffrey Hill is no better than the rest. And let's not forget Genghis6199 -- he's tied to him too. If you think they're really fighting, I've got lots of swampland to sell you.

Same goes for Rosalee Grable (Webfairy)... controlled opposition. She was easy to figure out.

It's all a distraction. And it's evil genius. Hell, I fell for it for a long time, too.

By the way Vyzygoth -- why did you give Alan Watt the ax from you show, hmmmm?