March 30, 2006

Lots of 4 windowed fuselage pieces lying around

Remember that fuselage piece with the four windows that was found on top of the roof of WTC 5 that allegedly came from Flight 175?

Photo source: FEMA WTC Study: Ch 2 (PDF)

Officials found a similar one at the Pennsylvania crash site:

FBI ends site work, says no bomb used

"The FBI said yesterday that it has finished its work at the crash scene of United Flight 93 after recovering about 95 percent of the downed airliner and concluding that explosives were not responsible for bringing it down.

FBI spokesman Bill Crowley said that the largest piece of plane recovered was a shred of fuselage skin that covered four windows -- a piece seven feet long from a jetliner that was 155 feet long." - Pittsburg Post-Gazette (09/25/01)


Anonymous said...

So what you're a tool and a nimrod.

Anonymous said...

Those Who Feel the need to dispute evidence with a comments like "tool" or "nimrod" need to be aware of an old saying involving a black pot and a kettle.

AmeXica said...

Those "FOOLKS" who, for lack of the correct term, 'feel' the need ta dispute evidence with comments like "tool" or "nimrod" — "They", most likely suffer something much worse than [ADD]! A new study, in the aftermath of Nine-Eleven offers evidence of [DDM] "Duh Dumb Masses!" These masses often use such words as demonstrated by said [DDM] sufferer! These same "FOOLKS" fully understand the statement 'their' "Genius?" "Leader?" made on the day of Nine-Eleven! It went something like this "We Will Find The "FOLKS" Who Did This!" Now, I don't know about y'all, but I find it extremely disturbing(ly) odd for "Terrorist?" ta be termed "FOLKS?!"

Anonymous said...

I am rubber and you are glue, whatever you say bounces off of me and sticks to you - you tool.

Anonymous said...

The terrorists, and likely CIA agent bin Laden are mere scapedgoats for the real perpetrators of this terrible crime. Just like the fire in the Reichstag set a pretense for the creation of the Gestapo, we in America have had the great pleasure of seeing the nearly blind ratification of the Patriot Act, two wars, and a likely upcoming war with Iran. A draft or nuclear war will likely be the result of that war.

This information needs to be spread to all American citizens. Opportunity has come from 9/11, but it has not come for the Bush Administration. It is here and now for the people and for revolution.
Keep up the good work Killtown.


Anonymous said...

So yeah, I'm 15 and I even think that the first four comments are immature! this site is for people to understand and try to come to a conclusion as to what really happened on 9/11. Stop thinking about yourselves and think about to thousands of inisent people who died that day, and your nation!Whatever happened on 9/11 deffinatly was not just a terrorist attack, its a consperacy.

MD said...

I have so many questions about this I wouldn't know where to begin.

1. Has the FBI ever provided a debris map for F 93, showing where each piece (and each body part) was recovered?

2. Does the NTSB concur in the FBI conclusion? Oh, I forgot, the NTSB wasn't involved, was it?

3. Has the FBI released any actual facts to support its conclusion that an explosion didn't bring down the plane?

4. Compare these photos from NY and PA with photos that don't exist for the Pentagon. At the Penatgon, the only pieces of fuselage were found on the lawn (supposedly), and they were pristine (no burns, paint still adhered, etc.). And they were pieces of the fuselage that supposedly sheared off on impact, and were found more than a hundred feet away, with no explanation how they reversed course 180 degrees while travelling at 500 miles per hour.

Anonymous said...

Now here is the question. What do we do now? It , in my opinion was obviously a complete hoax. Essentially thousands of people were brutally murdered in cold blood for money and power. What, as true americans who believe "Those that would give up even a part of thier rights for the sake of security deserve niether" (Benjamin Franklin, sorry paraphrased but you get the idea), are we supposed to do. In our governments search for power and oure elites insatiable lust for money have we become truly lost. Our mass communication is filtered and our ideas diffused. How do we unite and stand up. How do we proceed with the conciousness that we are mereley a means to our government and the ruling class. We need to rise, i simply ask you how.


Anonymous said...

I find the photos rather extremely odd. The portion of the fuselage found on roof of WTC 5 should've shown extreme damage and buried instead of being on top of the roof of WTC 5, that fuselage could've been placed there deliberately. Why was there no news on this piece of the fuselage? Also, the portion of fuselage found in Pennsylvania can't possibly be the only largest piece found if the entire plane was suppsedly extremely damaged. Had such a fuselage existed, why isn't there a portion of a tail section found? It defies logic and does not meet logical explanation if other pieces weren't/can't be found! Why isn't the FEMA, FBI, other governmental showing more pics?

Gumbo said...

I have studied the pictures on this blog. As I have witnessed a REAL passenger jet crash site at 200 ft from my home, and I got there two hours after the crash, I can tell exactly what such a site (this plane had 80 souls on board) looks like. It looked completely different. The junks of engine that lay around were much bigger. Pieces of debris were scattered all around the point of impact, and there was a lot of it. The crater was circular. There were many, many pieces of human remains strewn all around. What I would need to know is what the smell at the Shanksville site was like. I can still remember the smell back home. The picture with the puff of smoke seen here looks like a bomb. A kerosene smoke column looks different.