November 26, 2009

'Col. Jenny Sparks' blackmailed 'Slick' to close forum

(Updated: 12/09/09)

Alleged truther Jo Cressy (a.k.a. Col. Jenny SparksApollo and countless other sockpuppets) blackmailed owner 'Slick' to close the forum.

Cressy, who's been trying to out me for a while now, threatened to post personal information about Slick's wife (fellow forum admin "Riverside Mamma") on Cressy's "KSA" cyberstalking blog if Slick didn't shut down the forum.

Cressy, a Portland resident who brags she can deadlift 245lbs and a virulent no-planes hater who mostly hangs out at truthaction forum, runs her cyberstalking blog with the help of former owner "Genghis6199," an Australian no-planes supporter who thinks Val McClatchey's photo was faked by the FBI and is an apparent creeper who used to date a 17yr-old teenage girl nicknamed "Pumpkin" while he was in his mid-to-late 30's. (Hey Genghis, haven't you ever heard the phrase 16 will get you 20?)

Cressy has been helping Genghis cyberstalk me and whoever they deem "associates" of mine after Genghis contacted Cressy for help with stalking well-known female 9/11 truth activist JenW after she rejected Genghis' advances.

Genghis threatened to give JenW's home address to Cressy's private detective "Tammy Brown" (who's actually another Cressy sockpuppet) and he has also threatened JenW with some real "creepyville" cyberstalking tactics, such as making a porn mash with the faces of JenW and her daughter's, spreading wild untrue accusations about her in videos, and even made the quote "lets all remember what jennifer has to lose," referring to JenW's daughter. Jo Cressy is aware of all of this.

Also, Canadian Jeff Hill (a.k.a. "Shure"), most known for calling people and recording them without their consent and owner of pumpitout forum where Cressy also hangs out at as "Jenny", looks to be an accomplice in this blackmailing because somebody gave Cressy Slick's email and Jeff had posted on his forum that he had been talking to Slick through email just before Slick took the forum down. forum was not closed by Invisionfree for TOS violations (Invisionfree can't shut down 3rd-party domain names). It was not closed by some government conspiracy as some wild imaginations have speculated. Both the forum and domain name were closed by Slick because Slick was blackmailed by Col. Jenny Sparks and Genghis with help from Shure.

Some other people Cressy is stalking:

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Anonymous said...

The fact that Jo Cressy blackmailed Slick does not mean it wasn't a government conspiracy. Where did Jo Cressy obtain the information required to blackmail Slick in the first place?

Killtown said...

Jo Cressy lives all day and night on the internet stalking people to try to destroy their lives. You're bound to find info on someone when you internet search as much as that loser does.

I doubt she's a govt agent. Most likely she's just a real lonely disturbed individual that needs to be behind bars in a psych ward for her stalking and blackmailing.

Ningen said...

What a crock.

Killtown said...


Unknown said...

Scott Vincent is a pathetic attention whoring malevolence with no style or dignity...
killstalker, I never created any new blogs - you just saw & REACTED to a 2008 re-post OF ONE OF YOUR OWN DELETED COMMENTS!! LOL
seems your psycho-stalking has diagnosed your problem/condition

Münchausen syndrome

In Münchausen syndrome, the affected person exaggerates or creates symptoms of illnesses in themselves to gain investigation, treatment, attention, sympathy, and comfort
mental illness
look at me I was someone likable once - now look at me & feel sorry for me - I am only happy making others miserable